In 2020, the business community faced many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, domestic enterprises in general and female entrepreneurs in particular have overcome difficulties, accompanied and shared with authorities at all levels to realize the dual goal launched by the Government of both effective prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic results, both recovery and socio-economic development.

Over 30 years of operation and production, TVP has provided a full range of products: color coated steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, cold steel sheet, steel pipe to the market and export. Currently, TVP’s steel pipes are in the top 4 in terms of steel pipe production and supply in Vietnam (statistics of Vietnam Steel Association).

During the recent Covid-19 wave, steel enterprises faced many difficulties such as not preparing enough personnel; have not been able to take the initiative in the source of raw materials for production; have not yet grasped the technology and depend a lot on experts. But with TVP Steel Company, on the contrary, we are ready to grasp and take the initiative in all problems, so we have responded well to the pandemic, TVP has sold many products, the factory has operated continuously during the epidemic season, creating very stable jobs for workers.

However, countries around the world have been applying anti-dumping tax policies to Vietnam, so it will be difficult for goods to be exported in the following months. The fact that Chinese products are supported, so they are exported to Vietnam at cheap prices, which will make it difficult for Vietnam’s color coated steel sheets to compete. Although supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the loss to the color coated steel industry in general and TVP in particular is still not small. Therefore, we hope that the Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have more drastic policies to protect domestically produced goods, especially for current color coated steel sheets.

Currently, TVP does not back down, but continuously offers attractive sales policies, promotions for customers, strengthens the brand name through specializing in the production of more advanced color coated steel sheets to supply to markets difficult as Korea, Japan. At the same time, in order to maintain sales, the company has developed a market share of steel pipe manufacturing and distributing steel pipes to the market.

TVP has turned difficulties into advantages to deploy a high-tech color coated steel sheet factory – a modern technology project to meet the increasing demands of the market for quality. Invest in manufacturing new products for Home Offline, imitation stone, wood imitation and products for the interior decoration industry, and also improve the quality and increase the output of TVP galvanized steel sheet to 500,000 tons/year .

TVP Steel always develops new products at the forefront of the construction industry, completes a closed production and business process to create the best product value on the market at a reasonable price. In the coming time, TVP steel will boost production further to Southeast Asian countries, Asia and other continents and also continuously invest in technology improvements to keep up with the development speed of countries around the world.